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By Bob Norton

The C-Level Advisor is going to a twice a month frequency. We will now have one article per issue">


By Bob Norton

The C-Level Advisor is going to a twice a month frequency. We will now have one article per issue, instead of once per month with two. Expect to continue to receive valuable content and ideas.

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Startup Planet - Essential Resources for CEOs and Entrepreneurs at Startup and Emerging Growth Companies
Essential Resources For CEOs and Entrepreneurs at Startup and Emerging Growth Companies

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There is no more important decision than choosing the people at the top of your organization.  After all, they will hire or approve everyone else in the company, set the tone for values and make virtually all key decisions that will mean success or failure every business day. 

A structured approach to hiring that includes all of the following items must ALWAYS be followed for any senior level hire (VP and above), where the cost of a mistake can often be a six-figure sum.

  1. Understand the direction in which the Board of Directors wants to take the company over the next few years and how the requisite skills are represented or missing on the current management team. Understand and be prepared to provide the necessary resources for growth. These are not difficult to define at the macro level and the new executive will certainly fill in the details later. Consider the possibility of hiring a consultant to do a "quick and dirty" job on this to get it in the right ball park.  This will be money well spent as it will define who you will want to recruit and without it you are basically shooting dice.

  2. Develop a detailed job description, with specific attributes and personality traits, which will help the company to accomplish its goals over the next few years.   If you do not a have complete vision/plan then you need to seriously consider an interim executive to develop one, taking into consideration the current management team's depth and skills. Specific personality traits and success at specific functions are the most important criteria, not education, name brand company experience, or popularity.  Staying on track with these priorities is difficult and must be managed by the most senior person available.

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Bob Norton is CEO of C-Level Enterprises, which provides expertise on rapid growth, mentoring, and coaching via Seminars, 1:1 Consulting and ebooks coming in March.  He has been a full-time CEO since 1989 and now works with companies to develop and refine visions, maximize performance, and design businesses for strategic advantage.  He can be reached at

Testimonial On Our Vision Article And Approach:

"I must congratulate you on your excellent article "11 Requirements of a Successful Vision". I am a CEO of a midsized company  with an MBA in marketing.  So far, I have not come across so much clarity in any other article on "Corporate Vision. . . . Thank you once again for publishing a master piece."

Uday s Desai, CEO, Suprawin Technologies Ltd

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