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Stage 4 - Scaling the business
- This is achieved when the company really has defined a "virtuous financial circle" (VFC) which it understands well and can replicate consistently.

At this stage you have proven that $X invested in sales and marketing will generate $Y revenue and profit. So expansion can be done with little risk. With well documented proof of this you can usually attract large amounts of capital easily.  It also becomes relatively easy to see exactly what is needed to reach a large size company and how large you can get.

During Stage 4 the management style and focus must once again change.  Often �professional management� is brought in to replace founders who often can't adjust to this needed transition from an entrepreneurial high speed and risk style, to one of planning, management and fine-tuning of operations. Timelines for planning need to be extend, the risks you take must be tuned down, as now there is much t loose. Things will happen much slower and are becoming more execution and management intensive.

DVD - Managing Growth in Early Stage Companies

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Early-stage companies can grow at 100% per month or quarter. This is a huge percentage of growth and creates special problems not typically encountered in larger companies, where adding 5 people is not a big deal. There are very different ways to manage and control growth and culture in this rapidly changing environment. Founder and management talent and philosophies are quickly diluted and stresses can cause major problems with vendors, customers and employees. The culture must be proactively managed using these systems and philosophies.  

 Products Designed Specifically For Stage 4 Companies 

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Market Research: The Right Way For Startups and New Products
Learn new market research concepts that will help your company design ONLY those new products and services that deliver the benefits that customers will pay for. Here are proven methods to validate your startup's market and steer your efforts in the right direction.

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Competitive Strategy, Market Entry And Positioning For Startups
Learn how to position your company�s new products and services in any market for maximum benefit using a proven system that will radically increase your ability to differentiate, communicate and succeed. Get more sales using a USP, VSP and ESP and competitive landscape mapping tools that will protect your margins and raise higher barriers to entry around your business.

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Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Marketing
Find out how to carve out your new niches and develop your product portfolio and Unique Selling Proposition (USP): how to avoid direct competition with larger companies and do better competitive intelligence and how to do market research and understand your market, competition, key success factors and your target customer far better. Today your market entry strategy MUST be very different than your long-term strategy and market position, plan and objectives.

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The Entire CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp DVD Management Training Program

Almost 14 Hours of Video Training For Your Entire Team, with a Complete Manual and Business Design and Optimization Tools CD
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Managing an Early-Stage Company for Rapid Growth
Learn new ways to shift gears according to the stage of your company's development. This 100 page book will show you how to adjust you management style, risk appetite, evaluation of opportunities and other factors based on the stage of your company. You cannot possibly manage a small growth company like you would a medium size or larger company and expect to be successful. This ebook has everything you need to adjust your management style to your company's stage of development for more rapid growth and success. This means you will get more sales, invest less capital and have lower costs than competitors. You will lower the risk of failure in many areas of your business and as a result take on new business with energy and resources that might have gone to fighting fires.

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Hiring and Developing Your Management Team for Success
Your hiring will determine 95% of your startup's success. As venture capitalists often say the three keys to success are management, management and management. There are many simple methods and models that can greatly increase your hiring success rate and help you identify the best people for your specific need.

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Managing the Sales Process for Startups and Small Businesses
Poor sales and sales management practices create significant problems for many early-stage companies. Often founders do not have nearly as much experience in sales as they do in other business areas. Setting up your sales department using this system will help avoid the pitfalls that many companies encounter. Developed by Suzanne Paling.

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Practical Finance, Financing and The Financial Plan
Here is the first system developed specifically for startups by a serial entrepreneur on running the finance part of your business. Here is what you need to know to manage your company�s finances. A mystery to many new entrepreneurs and even experienced CEOs, finance is often cloaked in the mysteries of accountants, tax laws, balance sheets and other systems designed by accountants, for accountants. These DO NOT help startup companies one single bit.

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