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Consulting Services For Startup and
Early-Stage Companies

Small businesses and early-stage companies are the most fragile, have the least resources and the biggest challenges ahead of them.  Developing a new startup business is one of the biggest challenges in life, and generally requires experience in at least five key business disciplines to do well (product/service development, finance, sales, marketing and operations).  

For startup founders and entrepreneurs and their teams to be successful they must not only have startup and industry domain experience, but all these skills MUST be available to design the initial business model and launch strategy at both the strategic and tactical levels (a vision ).  Taking all these disciplines into account and then allocating resources appropriately for the specific situation among these areas requires much business experience and entails many trade-offs and judgment calls.  Only actual experience in startups can be the best guide here.  Identifying and managing risks is also something only experience and knowledge can conquer.

Mr. Norton can provide CEO level services in one or more the following ways:

  1. CEO Coaching and Mentor Programs to help improve executive skills and company vision - Tiger Woods gets constant coaching you should too! Get a confidential second perspective without vested interest (see specific program pricing)
  2. Be an on call advisor with infrequent or quarterly meetings to develop business plans, strategies, business models and to review company status and plans to make course corrections that are constantly needed in any early-stage venture
  3. Vision development and validation to reduce risk and costs of development and launch of any venture
  4. Interim, or part-time President or CEO

Startup and Early-Stage Company Services

Business Plan Review and Critique

Complete Financing Readiness Review & Critique

SWOT Analysis of Your Business

Vision Tune-up And Enhancement
Product Management & Development

Interim and Part-time Management

Organizational Development & Planning
Product Positioning
Business Model Development
Productivity Enhancement
Drive Sales & Reduce Costs

"In just 2 hours of consultation, Bob Norton helped me to re-focus my thoughts, especially with regard to financing strategy.  In addition, there were several nuggets of wisdom and insight about bootstrapping, competitive intelligence, and market research. I highly recommend him."
  --   Nijan Datar
      Founder and CEO, Smart Voice

"A wise man is he who knows he knows not"   -- Socrates

Virtually All Early-Stage Companies Need Help With These Things AND Don't Know It.

This is the #1 cause of most company failures - "What they don't know they don't know". Do You Know You What You Need?
You Really Can't.  

See The Definition of A "Prudent CEO"

Some Advantages of Using a Consulting CEO

  1. Get 40% to 80% of the benefits of an experienced, full-time CEO for less than 10% of the cost
  2. Instant availability instead of a long term search
  3. Increase your chances of success by a factor of 10 or more
  4. Reduce the risk of a costly bad hire due to chemistry, strategic direction and/or other unknown factors
  5. Cut your learning curve and save hundreds of thousands in actual costs and/or lost opportunities
  6. Gain access to a network of past contacts including investors, consultants and organizations that can help you
  7. Keep your burn rate low so you can get further by bootstrapping and with less equity dilution
  8. Get over the catch-22 of "No funding without a CEO, and no CEO without funding"


"Right out of the gate, Bob was able to quickly assess our situation and identify ways to increase revenue.  After working with Bob for only 8 hours, we identified a way to at least quintuple our lead generation and also improve our sales pipeline management and revenue potential.  We are also implementing many of his ideas to improve our sales closing rates and are more clearly focused on the path to building a successful business. "
- John Eller, CEO InSight Mobile Data, Inc.

For very early-stage businesses hiring a full-time, experienced CEO is not usually practical until much later, and raising capital without one is nearly impossible today.
 Often in an early-stage company there is not really full-time work to keep a CEO busy either.  So like everyone time gets filled up with tasks not worth the hourly rate of a CEO.  The fact of the matter is that like everyone 20% of their effort generates 80% of the results.  The logical conclusion is that if you can hire an experienced CEO for 10% or 20% of the time you can get 50% to 80% of the benefits of having a full-time CEO at a fraction of the cost until you are ready.

"Bob Norton is an experienced CEO and technologist who has a deep understanding of both business and technology.
I use him when I need to deal with an unfamiliar issue or need to analyze a complex situation.

Bob provides an independent view of someone who is not attached to the issue at hand. He is very responsive and ready to help - and he does it in cost-effective manner.

I strongly recommend Bob to any startup CEO."

  --  Founder and CEO of a financial services software company