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Stage 2 begins the transition of the company into an entity with real employees, product development and/or, as soon as possible thereafter, some revenue flowing. 

A different management style and focus must be implemented.  This first shift in style is needed to support more employees, customers and other complexities that start to build with your product launch, or large product development efforts.  It is not likely that you really have your "secret sauce" down yet, as you are still experimenting with what the market and customers want, how much they will pay for it and how to get to the customer for an efficient sales and marketing plan and process that can generate a profit.

Time can become the enemy at this stage as a real burn rate is established, which might grow.  Typically the senior executives are wearing many hats at this stage. There is much leverage in a quality, experienced management team to shorten this part of the corporate life cycle and to limit the burn of capital by figuring out everything you can ASAP.

The key to success is being adaptable to the market and quickly identifying what customers will pay for that you can deliver as quickly as possible. There is trial and error happening daily and yet keeping up the front to employees that you know what you are doing can be a challenge.  The heat seeking missile is a good analogy for the iterative process that will hone in on the market niche, target customers and value proposition that will support the business with real revenue quickly.

The Startup Manual

This manual has all of our books created specifically for getting from Stage 1 to Stage 3 and is a great place to start. This a a complete blueprint for designing your business model and launching your company with less capital and less risk to drive more success.

Only $197

  • The disciplines of business design, business planning and business model optimization
  • How to develop, improve and test the vision for your company
  • How to position your company’s products and services in any market for maximum benefit
  • New market research concepts that will help your company design ONLY those products and services that deliver the benefits that customers will pay for
  • Proven secrets for employee development using skill set matrixes and different management methods
  • The most powerful bootstrapping strategies to leverage your position, assets and get to revenue faster
 Products Designed Specifically For Stage 2 Companies 

All DVDs Include FREE Downloadable Slides


Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Marketing
Find out how to carve out your niche and develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): how to avoid direct competition with larger companies and do better competitive intelligence and how to do market research and understand your market, competition, key success factors and your target customer far better. Today your market entry strategy MUST be very different than your long-term strategy and market position, plan and objectives. This is a 2 DVD set with about 3 hours of video.

Only $89.95         


A Superior Product Development System for Startups
Get your products to market many times faster and cheaper, while also generating superior products. Billions of dollars have been spent to develop and perfect these methodologies, yet few people are aware of them even though they can increase product development teams' productivity by as much as 11 times industry averages!

Only $89.95         


Managing the Sales Process for Startups and Small Businesses
Poor sales and sales management practices create significant problems for many early-stage companies. Often founders do not have nearly as much experience in sales as they do in other business areas. Setting up your sales department using this system will help avoid the pitfalls that many companies encounter. Developed by Suzanne Paling.

Only $89.95         


How to Hire Sales Winners for Startups and Small Businesses
Here are the proven secrets and tools that will enable you to hire employees that are an excellent fit for your organization. Also learn how you can select sales teams that maintain their enthusiasm levels, regardless of market conditions. Developed by Greta Kaufman.

Only $89.95        

Launching Your Business DVD Video Bundle For Startups and Small Business

The Launching Your Business DVD Bundle With All 4 Of The Above DVD Sets Totaling 5 DVDs
Save over 35% by getting all these DVDs in one bundle.

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Or Get the Full 14 Hour CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp DVD Set


Secrets of Raising Angel Financing
Learn how to raise angel financing in today's market conditions. Find out what angels are looking for as indicators of the best deals and what you need to do to prepare your company before you begin contacting Angels. This 2-hour audio and 80 slide book is not just hints and tips on finding angels, but contains a complete roadmap to be successful raising money from angels in this tougher environment for capital.

2 CD Audio Program + Slides Only $77         


Road Map to Launching a Startup Company
Learn a complete guide to navigate the many startup traps and hidden "rocks under the water" that most entrepreneurs do not even know exist until they hit them.  This 127 page ebook will show you how to plan more thoroughly, execute more effectively and ultimately achieve your startup goals faster.

Only $77.00        


Secrets to Hiring the Best People at Early Stage Companies
Learn to avoid the top hiring mistakes today. This 60-page book will take you step-by-step through a proven system for increasing your hiring success rate. You will learn to improve matching candidates to the needed skills and also how to retain your hires. You will also learn how to hire and manage consultants and contractors, and how to recognize the right time to use an interim executive.

Only $77.00         


Introduction to Raising Early-Stage Venture Capital
Don't blow your funding opportunities making the most common mistakes 95% of entrepreneurs do! This 2-hour audio and 80 slides is a proven step-by-step system to build your company to attract venture capital like a magnet in any environment. This is not easy or fast, but builds value in your company that any investor can see and will drive your valuation up.

2 CD Audio Program + Slides Only $77         


Road Map to a Vision for Startup Companies
This step-by-step system will show you how to develop your vision and run models in your head that will bulletproof your plans, instead of wasting months-- or even years-- and countless thousands of dollars with real-world trial and error. This video is included free on all other DVDs as foundational material -- So consider getting 2 videos for only $30 more by picking any other single DVD set.

 Only $59.95                 


Competitive Strategy, Market Entry And Positioning For Startups
Learn how to position your company’s products and services in any market for maximum benefit using a proven system that will radically increase your ability to differentiate, communicate and succeed. Get more sales using a USP, VSP and ESP and competitive landscape mapping tools that will protect your margins and raise higher barriers to entry around your business.

Only $89.95         


Hiring and Developing Your Startup Team for Success
Your hiring will determine 95% of your startup's success. As venture capitalists often say the three keys to success are management, management and management. There are many simple methods and models that can greatly increase your hiring success rate and help you identify the best people for your specific need.

Only $89.95         


Practical Finance, Financing and The Financial Plan
Here is the first system developed specifically for startups by a serial entrepreneur on running the finance part of your business. Here is what you need to know to manage your company’s finances. A mystery to many new entrepreneurs and even experienced CEOs, finance is often cloaked in the mysteries of accountants, tax laws, balance sheets and other systems designed by accountants, for accountants. These DO NOT help startup companies one single bit.

Only $89.95           

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