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"Having been there and done that Bob knows exactly what needs to be done to grow a company and that is a powerful message."
         -- John Facella - Founder The CEO Group and Experienced CEO

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Your Hiring Will Determine 95% of Your Startup's Success.

Here Are The Proven Hiring Secrets From A Serial Entrepreneur And 15 Year CEO Who Has Hired Hundreds Of People, Launched Eight Startups, Grown Two Companies To Over $100 Million, And Raised $40 Million in Investor Financing.

Learn to avoid the top hiring mistakes today. This 60-page book will take you step-by-step through a proven system for increasing your hiring success rate. You will learn to improve matching candidates to the needed skills and also how to retain your hires. You will also learn how to hire and manage consultants and contractors, and how to recognize the right time to use an interim executive.

I have seen bad hires actually kill an early-stage company. I have hired many hundreds of people in my career, including hiring 150 new people over a 6 month period. After 15 years as a CEO I have developed a system that I think insures a much higher success rate. Today the average failure rate of hires is more than 50%. Being an ex-engineer I try to consistently develop a system for everything I do so I can measure, repeat and improve each time. The bottom line is we can always get better at hiring and this book is one of the most leveraged ways to improve your business as doing it right the first time will pay big dividends for a long, long time.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Skill Set Framework - A complete system to help you determine the priority of the skill sets you will need in the future and figure out what you "Don't know you don't know."
  • Top Interview Questions of All Time - These interview questions will break through the "interview" mode dating behavior and get candidates to reveal far more than they expect
  • Top Ten Hiring Tips - Simple key ideas that most people do not stick to that will greatly improve your hiring results.
"In building First Call Corporation, Bob Norton, was my secret weapon in getting a really audacious job done not only on time and under budget, but done so well that it revolutionized how equity sales was done on Wall Street. His abilities to understand complex requirements, to synthesize elegant solutions, and then to manage a team to get it done, are still the best I've ever seen."
      --  Jim Rutt - ex-CEO Network Solutions
, The Internet Registration Company
  • Top Ten Tips For Hiring Senior Executives - No decision is so crucial as hiring a key executive in a small company. These tips show you how to increase your odds of success enormously. Don't let a bad hire at this critical level stop or slow your company for six months while you give someone a chance to prove themselves. Be sure you have the right person on day one as the cost of failure here exceeds six figures given lost business, training, salary and other expenses
  • Define Job Scope - The smaller the company the larger the job scope. Communicating to your staff how each employee in a small company must wear more hats, can really make a huge difference. You can not afford to have people saying "Not my job man". This system will insure you avoid this disaster, but not depend entirely on interview answers or references people volunteer.
  • The Most Common Hiring Mistake Made Today - Are you making this very common mistake. If so, you are slowing down the development of your company and guaranteeing you will hire an inferior person for the job every time.
“Mr. Norton is a true visionary who can also execute. Few people have the ability to do both.“    -- General Partner, Investment Banking Firm
  • When To Think About Using Interim Management Help - This is always better than not hiring at all or hiring the wrong person. So how do you know when to do it to optimize your company's sales and profits? This chapter will tell you when and how.
  • Getting Value From Consultants - Nine of ten consultants are NOT going to do a good job for you because of problems built into the system. Knowing these problems can help you avoid this and ensure you only hire consultants that will produce and benefit your company long term. How do you hire a consultant when you don't have expertise in that area?
  • A Framework For Employee Development - This system alone is worth thousands of dollars to a fast growth company. It can turn around a culture and allow people to develop at a faster rate and grow with the company. I developed this during the period when I hired about 150 new employees in 6 months as one of my companies rocketed to $156 million in annual sales over an 18 month period. This system allowed us to grow unabated during that period.

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Average hiring success rates are less than 50% today, yet as high as 80%-90% should be achievable if you follow all the guidelines here. This means you will have the best employees stay with you longer and you will hire fewer people who do not stay by your choice or theirs. You should improve the match of people to the needed skills by NEVER hiring someone without the right skills for the current and future position. This fill in the blanks system will guide you through all the right questions for you to get this right nearly every time. You will totally avoid the #1 hiring mistake today which is most likely screening out the best candidates before you even see them. You will learn how to hire and manage consultants and contractors better, to fill short term needs so you can wait for the right full-time employee instead of compromising on the first "warm body". You will get a complete system to virtually guarantee that every senior executive hire will be successful. Today every management level bad hire averages over $100,000 in actual expenses, plus the cost of lost opportunity and rehiring.

startup hiring start up small business management team small business startup hiring start up small business management team small business
startup hiring start up small business management team small businessHello,
I am Bob Norton and I wrote this book to help startups increase their often overlooked hiring practices.
As owners, Presidents, CEOs, hiring is something we can never delegate and need to learn how to do as well as possible, as fast as possible. The growth rate and sometimes the very survival of our companies will depend on our hiring decisions.

As part of our business at C-Level Enterprises, Inc. I mentor and advise both new entrepreneurs, and even very experienced CEOs, on developing early-stage company systems. I also interview people for clients to help evaluate fit. This book has everything you need to improve your hiring and ensure the rapid success of your company. In fact all other things being equal there is no doubt that the company with the best employees will win the market because everything the company does will be done better.

I guarantee this will be one of the best investments you ever make because the information it contains has so much leverage it should make and/or save you many thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of extra dollars in your business or career very quickly.

startup hiring start up small business management team small business startup hiring start up small business management team small business

About The Author:
Mr. Norton, is the author of four books and many audio and video training programs for CEOs and entrepreneurs. As President of C-Level Enterprises, he is a leading authority on startups, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, product development and growing companies rapidly. He has been a full-time CEO since 1989 and has launched eight startups, grown two companies to over $100 million in sales, raised over $40 million in investor financing and created over $1 billion in total shareholder value, just while at those companies. He has worked in all size companies including The International Thomson Organization, FIRST CALL, Grumman Aerospace, and many others and is a specialist who consults for companies on "shifting gears" by adjusting management style as a company grows. Mr. Norton has appeared in Inc. magazine, on CNBC, Good Morning America and many other regional and national media and provides advice and mentoring to companies, entrepreneurs and CEOs through consulting, speaking, writing and seminars. Mr. Norton also runs the premier CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp and frequently speaks at corporations, associations, and universities.

startup hiring start up small business management team small business

Bob is one of those rare people who can rub two sticks together and create a company.                --  Senior Partner, Charles River Ventures

If you think about it you will realize that hiring is the most critical skill needed by any CEO or entrepreneur. No matter how good you are at anything else if you hire badly your company will fail. Yet did you ever take a course or read a book written by someone who has hired hundreds of people for early-stage companies? Probably not. And do you think human resources people will solve this problem for you? DEFINITELY NOT! I know successful entrepreneurs who are pretty bad managers and yet their hiring skills and intuition are so good that they have been hugely successful, literally making tens of millions of dollars from other people skills and abilities. I never met a successful entrepreneur who did not have decent hiring skills, though many could still improve 100% or more and they would be much more successful.

90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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If you decide this book is not for you we will refund your money 100%. All we ask is you tell us why so we can adjust to save both us and others this kind of aggravation in the future.

startup hiring start up small business management team small business

This information is clearly priceless and can generate literally millions of dollars in extra value for you over your career and business's life. The ideas and information collected here come from over 1,000 business books in Mr. Norton's library. Imagine getting the best entrepreneurial ideas on hiring from over 1,000 books. Those books would cost over $25,000 and take many years to read. And how would you know which authors were the best without the experience as a CEO? Many of these authors are specialists and academics that could never offer the breadth of experience in launching an entire business. In other words it is impossible to get all this information anywhere else.

Free Bonus Gift #1 - The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles (A $29 VALUE) -  A classic book on removing the personal barriers you have to achieving great financial success and extreme wealth. 

Free Bonus Gift #2 (A $249/year Value) - A FREE eZine Subscription to "The C-Level Advisor" is easily worth hundreds of dollars, but you get it free. Someday we may start charging, as this information can be priceless and save you many thousands of dollars in aggravation, time and mistakes and also drive your sales faster. You will get free excerpts from upcoming seminars, books, tapes and other products for CEOs and entrepreneurs before anyone else does.

Best of Success,

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P.S. This book is not for everyone. It is for serious entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to become world-class executives and learn a proven system to hire everyone from executives to managers to individual contributors.   If you are not open to advice and learning from the mistakes and successes of others, then I would recommend you NOT buy this book. It is not a "get rich quick" formula like many products offered on the Internet - It is a time tested system developed by someone who has "Done it before", and who has documented successful systems, philosophies and frameworks so others can benefit, create jobs and build companies and personal wealth.

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