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Stage 3 is achieved when it is clear there is an established revenue and/or customer base.
At this point the business is sustainable with a proven value proposition to customers, pricing and both sales and operations processes that work, albeit not necessarily very efficiently.

You may or may not be profitable, but there is a clear path to profitability with far fewer unknowns and big risks.  There is still a lot to learn and many processes to optimize, and the management is usually still stretched too far executing, instead of managing. 

The transition begins here to get management, operations and sales systems down to a science to be ready to scale the business with quick growth and drive profits before competitors can replicate your product or formula.  Optimization to reduce costs and increase sales is the main focus so that you are ready to scale without high risks, poor controls and/or other unknowns.

The risk at this stage is often running out of time, or capital, before you can scale to support the overhead of the business.  Often founders are being stretched beyond their experience here and need to be open to change management styles dramatically. This often means bringing in some outside expertise from "professional managers" or consultants to help shift management gears and move from a pure entrepreneurial style to a more "buttoned up" business management style with systems, procedures and controls that prevent the business from spinning out of control, yet preserve the founders values and vision.

The Startup Manual

This manual has all of our books created specifically for getting from Stage 1 to Stage 3 and is a great place to start. This a a complete blueprint for designing your business model and launching your company with less capital and less risk to drive more success.

Only $197

  • The disciplines of business design, business planning and business model optimization
  • How to develop, improve and test the vision for your company
  • How to position your company’s products and services in any market for maximum benefit
  • New market research concepts that will help your company design ONLY those products and services that deliver the benefits that customers will pay for
  • Proven secrets for employee development using skill set matrixes and different management methods
  • The most powerful bootstrapping strategies to leverage your position, assets and get to revenue faster

Products Specifically for Stage 3 (Established) Companies

All DVDs Include FreeEE Downloadable Slides


Operations and Customer Service For Startups
Learn how to build a corporate dashboard and keep your finger on the pulse of all the critical metrics that impact your business. Also learn the critical elements needed to build and maintain great customer service. Our step-by-step system will help you set up and run your customer service and operations with lower risk and better results, guaranteed! You will learn when and how to shift gears smoothly from a Stage #1 company, to stages #2 and #3. These stages require different “modes of operation” few people know how and when to make this transition without major bumps for customers and staff that cause lost revenue and customer loyalty.

Only $89.95         


Practical Finance, Financing and The Financial Plan
Here is the first system developed specifically for startups by a serial entrepreneur on running the finance part of your business. Here is what you need to know to manage your company’s finances. A mystery to many new entrepreneurs and even experienced CEOs, finance is often cloaked in the mysteries of accountants, tax laws, balance sheets and other systems designed by accountants, for accountants. These DO NOT help startup companies one single bit.

Only $89.95         


Managing Growth in Early-Stage Companies
Early-stage companies can grow at 100% per month or quarter. This is a huge percentage of growth and creates special problems not typically encountered in larger companies, where adding 5 people is not a big deal. There are very different ways to manage and control growth and culture in this rapidly changing environment. Founder and management talent and philosophies are quickly diluted and stresses can cause major problems with vendors, customers and employees. The culture must be proactively managed using these systems and philosophies.

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The Growing Your Business DVD Bundle With All 3 Of The Above DVD Sets
Save over 35% by getting all these DVDs in one bundle.

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Or Get the Full 14 Hour CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp DVD Set



Managing an Early-Stage Company for Rapid Growth
Learn new ways to shift gears according to the stage of your company's development. This 100 page ebook will show you how to adjust you management style, risk appetite, evaluation of opportunities and other factors based on the stage of your company. You cannot possibly manage a small growth company like you would a medium size or larger company and expect to be successful. This book has everything you need to adjust your management style to your company's stage of development for more rapid growth and success. This means you will get more sales, invest less capital and have lower costs than competitors. You will lower the risk of failure in many areas of your business and as a result take on new business with energy and resources that might have gone to fighting fires.

Only $77.00         


The Startup Manual
Entrepreneurs fail because they fail to leverage the knowledge of others who have done it before. Here is a complete roadmap for growing your company from a serial entrepreneur and 15 year CEO who has launched eight companies, grown two to over $100 million, and raised over $40 million in investor financing. This 250 page binder and CD set will show you the proven methods that will take you from idea stage to significant company and be a reference you keep near your desk for the rest of your career.

All 4 Books in One Manual + a Tools CD   Only $197    


Competitive Strategy, Market Entry And Positioning For Startups
Learn how to position your company’s products and services in any market for maximum benefit using a proven system that will radically increase your ability to differentiate, communicate and succeed. Get more sales using a USP, VSP and ESP and competitive landscape mapping tools that will protect your margins and raise higher barriers to entry around your business.

Only $89.95                 


Hiring and Developing Your Startup Team for Success
Your hiring will determine 95% of your startup's success. As venture capitalists often say the three keys to success are management, management and management. There are many simple methods and models that can greatly increase your hiring success rate and help you identify the best people for your specific need.

Only $89.95                


Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Marketing
Find out how to carve out your niche and develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): how to avoid direct competition with larger companies and do better competitive intelligence and how to do market research and understand your market, competition, key success factors and your target customer far better. Today your market entry strategy MUST be very different than your long-term strategy and market position, plan and objectives.

2 DVD Set Only $127.95         


Managing the Sales Process for Startups and Small Businesses
Poor sales and sales management practices create significant problems for many early-stage companies. Often founders do not have nearly as much experience in sales as they do in other business areas. Setting up your sales department using this system will help avoid the pitfalls that many companies encounter. Developed by Suzanne Paling.

Only $89.95           


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